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Written by an Aiesec trainee on a facebook group..
Here is the list of common Cultural Shocks of India
1. Indian use hand right to eat, left hand to clean
2. Some Indian men hold hands in the streets while they are not necessarily gay
3. Rishaw driver always said "no change" but if you insist on the changes, they can find and give you
4. There are almost impossible to see Indian girls wearing sexy clothing in the streets
5. Arranged marriages are very popular
6. Indian people are crazy about cricket
7. Rishaw driver charges 1.5 times more after 10pm
8. You can bargain even for the party's entrance fees
9. Drinking beer in street will get you in troubles
10. Western young ladies and even guys would be invited to take pictures with local Indian, (men, women, teenagers and children)
11. You can hardly find public toilet, for men everywhere is public toilet, for female, it's a little bit trouble
12. Food are spices even you told the waiter not to add spices
13. Indian drink water without touching the cup/bottle
14. Almost every Indian can speak more than 2-3 languages
15. You can find girls wearing sali playing in the beach
16. Meat in India means chicken, mutton and fish. Pork and beef are hard to find. 
17. Indian married in young age, early 20s. 
18. Indian marriage takes 3 days. 
19. 1/3 of Indian movie is dancing and singing.
20. Indian drivers are really crazy
21. Crossing Indian road is a challenge
22. You can see a branch of cows easily, anywhere
23. A lot of street baggers
24. Barber shops(Hair cutting Saloons) are closed on tuesdays
25. Chinese food here is not exactly chinese, atleast thats what people say
26. you'll never find toilet paper anywhere.
27. The Indian toilet is already a shock
28. Indians ask you about your qualification the first time you meet, and they think they are betten than you if they completed higher education than you.
29. They also say: What is your good name, instead of What's your name.
30. They want to ask about your mother and father to know you more.
31. Giving a bribe can solve a lot of problems in India, expecially to police and goverment officers.
32. You can find more than 10 people in a rishaw which is designed for 3 people only.
33. Public bus driver don't stop for passengers.
34. Public transport usually don't have doors, even if they have, people don't close them
35. You should expect local airlines to be late. Especially JetLite.
36. If the rishaw driver tries to charge you something extra for something you didn't agree on beforehand, just walk away. He won't report you or anything.
37. Half of the time, there is probably some extra charge for something somebody didn't tell you about.
38. Keep reciepts after the supermarket cashier.
39.There are pedestrian sidewalks, but you're not supposed walk on them. Always walk on the streets.
40. It's also okay to cross the railways to the other platform instead of using an overarching bridge.
Call people "bhaiya" , it means brothers/friends
41. Indian Gods are as much as Indian population
42. People called you Sir/Madam
43. There are pubs that are all guys which is not a gay pub.
44.Going to shopping malls is like going to airport, you have to past through the security and show your bag, but normally no body really give a damn on checking.
45. Don't expect people to know your country's location if you're not from US and UK.
46. you'll get tones of advertising calls and loads of spam SMS if you got an Indian phone
47. In the wintertime Indian women don't usually wear covered shoes but flip-flops with specially designed socks that have a break between the big toe and the rest of them so that a flip-flop would easily fit.
48. In shops you'd never find a tanning lotion but those that make your complexion fairer are in plenty! :)
49. Many Indians listen to music on their mobiles - but they don't use headphones - it's important that everybody around knows what they're listening to :)
50. In many public places (cinema/train station) there's often a seperate line for women so that they don't feel harassed or simply uncomfortable squeezing with men.
51. Line like people standing one behind the other hardly exists. At the ticket window there're usually around 3 people hanging on each other and the rest behind is loosely shaped into a sort of a queue
52. You have got, or know someone that had, something stolen from him while travelling by train.
53. If you've been living for more than a month in India, you are becoming expert at decoding some sign language, such as:
- The infamous but how awkward tilting of the head sideways, in between a yes and a no.
- The way rickshaw drivers sometimes tell you to hop in their vehicle (quick head movement towards the backseat, almost unoticeable)
- The hand twisting, like unscrewing a lightbulb (I still don't know for sure...)
54. Things that are really cool in Indian movies or music videos, like dance moves, might actually look cheesy and uncool to other cultures.
55.Most rickshaw driver are knowledgable and actually know shortcuts which are shorter than the "official route".
56. You can't get into most Indian airports unless you have a ticket that departs three hours before. You need to buy an entry ticket that gets you inside the airport, but not into the check-in counter area
57. Get used the fact that if you don't look south asian, people will stare at you
58. If you ask passengers directions for the place you want to go, they will give you a random one even they don't know. Most seriously, they point to the sky.
59. you can get 3 completely different directions by their guides.
60. Indian's "5 minutes", if you ask for how far it would take for a walk to a place, most probably the answer would be "5 minutes", in fact it's freaking far. This applies to driving as well.
61. People sit on the roof of the jeep, sometime there are more than 10 people on the roof.
62. You can see different animals pulling transportation, cows, horse, camel, etc.
63. You got a 5mins break in the middle of a movie in cinema.
64. You found masala in drinks, tea, 7-ups, etc.
65. Teek hai (= OK in English) can mean anything between ok/ I will do it/I won't , but better say I will just to shut you up/yes, I know/I better pretend I know/...what is s/he talking about?
66. all trucks have a notice in the back saying "Horn Please" or "Blow Horn" but many also declare "India is Great!
67. Motorcycle in India may be for even 4 members family, and they can even travel carrying a Goat or some other animal
68. Girls have to cover most of their bodies but men.... men get to walk on those mini skirts with no underwear on!
69. In places like McDonald's or Subway they HAVE to have one of those signs that said that thier product are not made of beef and that you can't buy the sauce or bread separately
70. There's a concept of validity time in Indian cellphones - even if you have credit left if your validity time is up, you won't be able to use your phone.
71. .....

waiting for your contribution :)

Let's bring India to the world! Incredible India! 

NOTE: There are places in India where most of the features we enumerate don't apply at all! It's such a diverse country!

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