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Hi there, I would like to purchase a second hand scooter not more than 3 years old.. If keen to sell call me on +91 99 80 10 88 88. Ciao

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Hej :) did you find a scooter? I'm searching too.. can you recommend some place to buy?

Or if anyone wants to sell his scooter, contact me :) Cheers c:

there's a shop opposite my house that sells second hand scooters.. 

Hey viren, when are you inviting us to your house for dinner so that we may go across your place to see this shop ;)

I can't do dinner , i really suck at cooking . But if you want to come over and cook for me and lisa .. you're most welcome :-) :-) or we can just do drinks . The shops at the intersection of 100ft road and oldmadras road...

Hey lisa, I am going to see some scooters at a second hand shop probably over the weekend. Welcome to join if you wish. My cell is +91 99 80 10 88 88

woop sorri I'm going to Hampi this weekend. And I've got some trouble with getting a drivers license :/ So I dont know whether I'll buy a scooter >./p>

Hello, I don't know if it is too late but I want to share my experience. When I got mine I was looking and looking and at the end I ended up going to a store called Silicon Honda (Basavanagudi, Bangalore) and from there they took me to a street where there are several shops. Personally I would recommend the place where I got mine, they were really friendly and helpful, I think I got a fair deal and after like 3 months I don't have any issue with my scooter. I don't have the address right now with me but if you are interested I can SMS you or something the details by tonight or tomorrow.


Hi everyone!

Here are the details of the shop where I got mine. Hopefully you will find this info useful as the street where I got it it's full of bikes/scooters shops.

#563, Sajjan Rao Road, Vishveshwarapuram. Bangalore 560 004
Phone: 26620825 - 26620826


Hi :)

i finally got my international DL but it's only for 4wheelers...  in Germany you can drive with a 4wheelers DL a scooty as well, is it in India the same? Does actually anyone care about that issue?

whatever, I will go to that shop and have a look at their moped, thx Luis :)

and Jesh, did you already find one? :)


Currently in the states, so not bought one as yet but will look into in on my return on 29 th


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