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Room available : Diamond district, Old airport road

I am looking for roommates(s). I live in a fully furnished 2 bedroom house in Diamond district, old airport road. The apartment campus is huge with all the facilities like Gym, Tennis court, Swimming pool, Basketball court, squaah, Supermarkets, Pharmacy, Beauty parlor. I have a big spacious house with all the facilities required. I also have a cook and maid. :-)
My current roommates are going back to Canada on 20th July.
Anybody interested, please get in touch.

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Hi Swati,

My friend has just moved to Bangalore from Singapore. She is a female professional looking for a roommate situation with someone like her. She is currently living in Diamond District in our Zynga corporate apartment and very familiar with the complex and interested in looking at your place. If necessary she could swing by your place any time and meet you.


How can I put her in touch with you? Please PM me your email or mobile # so I can forward to her?





Hey! Pass on her number, I will give her a call. :-)


Sent you a message with her contact info. Her name is Harsha Kumar. Please get in touch with her.





ps: I believe Internations sends the message as a friend request since we are not yet friends. You can ignore the friend request

Hey! You're my neighbor! I live in A Block. It'd be great to connect sometime. Always looking to meet some fun or low key/casual young people that's convenient to home! Buzz me sometime and maybe we can pull together a couple friends sometime.



Hi swati,

May i know where is it located exactly  and  how is the room and how much is  the rental ?

Many Thanks

Hey Amil..Its in Diamond district Old airport road..I will inbox you the details.

hi - guess its taken?

Hey! Still available, but my landlord has this restriction of only female occupants!

fair enough - tc

Eva, I was at her house last night for dinner - it is . 

Hey Meryl,

Yes I am...pass on your number so I can call you and talk more on this.. :-)

Hey could you inbox me details please. I land on nov 5th and am there till april 11th thanks :)


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