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Hey there!

I'm Jed from Malaysia and I just arrived in Bangalore to do an internship with a local NGO,

I will be here for about a month and am interested to meet some new people and explore bangalore and nearby places during the weekends!

Would love to get in touch with some you guys:) 



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Hi there,I am Emily from Germany :) I am also working here and looking for places to discover in Bangalore.

So keep me up to date if you are planning anything :D

Hey Emily:)

Nice to meet you. Thanks for getting intouch. I would love to explore Bangalore with you! 

Do inbox me and we can go from there!:)

Hi! I'm from SG. Do keep me in the loop too if you're travelling! I loooove it.

Hi jenell,

Jedida and I are going on a trio to mysore palace and zoo this sunday :D If you would like to join us, that would be perfect, just send me a message, if you are interested. I also have facebook as "Emily Blub" :D



Hello guys,

I am Ram. I am new here and would love to explore the place a bit. Let me know if you guys are up for something. I am currently working with a prof in IIM Bangalore and will be around for a long time. 


Hey guys! I am Anuhya and I moved here from the US in April. I am trying to start exploring and trying to see some new places around. Would any of you be willing to take a trip to Kodaikanal this weekend? It's accessible by train and is supposed to beautiful around this time of year. Thinking Friday night departure from bangalore to Sunday night departure from kodaikanal arriving early Monday morning.

Hi Anuhya,

same here, I am busy this weekend, but will be here for another 3 weeks, so maybe I will be able to join you as well :) keep me in the loop.



Hey Akshay, Andrew, and Emily.

Great to hear from you guys! How does next weekend sound? Can you guys make it then? I actually just bought tickets to go here this weekend if any of you are interested But otherwise if you guys can make it next weekend, then let's totally plan a trip to Kodaikanal for next weekend!


Hi Anuhya, hi all :P

I looked into the jog fall thing and thought maybe it would be cool to combine this with the temples half way belur/halebid. I can ask my driverdo drive us there, it shoul dnot be more costly then the tour you liked. It would be way mor flexible and comfortable and safe then :) We could also leave next saturday early morning, it is just 6 h to jog falls. We can explore on sat and on sunday morning we can do a safari, because a wildlife sanctuary is right around the corner. on the way back we could stop at the temples :)

What do you think about that? Are you already going this wekend? Or should I check for an accomendation and driver fee?

looking forward to travelling with all you guys.


Hello all, 

I have just moved here from France for work. I am also looking at exploring and discovering bangalore and the country. If you still have some seat left in your car for next weekend, I would be really happy to join you either to Jog falls or Kodaikanal!

Please let me know what you are up to!


Hey Emily,

Sorry I had already gone for the trip and didn't have internet access. I saw jog falls and a bit of the sharavati sanctuary and pepper fort. It was really pretty, I'd highly recommend it. This weekend I'm planning on either checking out hampi through another tour or maybe kodaikanal. let's maybe setup a whatsapp group so we can plan? It's a bit hard to do it through this site. I'll message you my number and anyone else who is interested we can create a traveling whatsapp group. 

Talk to you soon,



My wife and I are originally from NJ, and we made some really good friends who are from Seattle.

Send me a message and we can coordinate some outings or just handing out.

btw: we are also looking for more board gamers; we play once in awhile and always looking for new people to teach and play.


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