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Hey everyone,

I'm from The Netherlands and I'm working for a NGO called Anu Life - it'about a project focussed on empowering women as the main bread winners in the slums of Janakiram Layout. They make really cool bags, clutches, wallets etc. 

My job is to make from this project a kind of business with the help of social media and an e-commerce website. For our e-commerce website we have this upcoming Friday a fashion shoot. Everything has to be free, but we are still looking for:

- 2 "models", you don't need a lot of experience, being enthusiastic and photogenic is enough! 
- hair or make up visa gist
- a location to shoot: a cute coffee place, garden or park AND where we don't need a permission evidence etc. Does anyone has some tips or ideas?


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Hi Naomi

How are you.

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