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Hello we are in need of a cook, preferably one who can speak good english, and cook different types of indian well.
We live in banaswadi,if u know some one please let me know.

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Becca try .

hello becca,

are you a member of the facebook page "bangelore expat cub"? i just came across a post today that i thought would help you out:


Posting for a friend:

We have now left India but are looking for work for our loyal cook and friend Karoline.

Karoline has worked with expat families for over 40 years and has a wealth of experience with amazing references to back it up. She has previously worked as a nanny (and is amazing with children) and cook, but is currently just looking for work as a cook. She would prefer to work in the Koramangala area (or near to) on a part time basis, for example Monday to Friday 1-5pm.

Karoline cooks wonderful Indian food and western dishes. Karoline is a very kind, loyal, friendly and trustworthy person, who speaks excellent English. She worked with our family for 2 years, with her work ending only because we sadly had to leave India. As well as cooking for us, she managed any work people who came to our home and oversaw our entire apartment being painted while we were away. She had a key to our home and we trusted her Implicitly. In the time she worked with us she became a friend and taught me many things, I miss her dearly.

If you are looking for a cook please email me


please become a member of the page to connect with other like minded people :)


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